Our Story

BNP’s goal is to bring family and friends together and put a smile on their faces. Many individuals often do not have the time to go around and find the perfect gifts, or want to spend hours online, searching for the perfect gifts. We have successfully delivered countless BNP products such as our Mystery Gift Boxes, BNP Luxury Bouquets, and numerous clients that have become BNP Members. We want to ensure that we have you covered for all your major events throughout the year whether it be your anniversary, your family members birthday’s or a regular day of the week, it’s our job but you take all the credit for having us deliver the perfectly crafted gifts to make your loved ones day.

Our Philosophy

We strive to be the leading digital marketplace specializing in selling flowers and floral arrangements online. Our wide range of products includes single-stem flowers, elaborate bouquets, and themed arrangements for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays.

Our Clients

Let our testimonials speak for themselves. Our customers’ experiences reflect the quality and care we put into every product and service we offer. Read their stories and see why so many choose us for their needs.

At team BNP

Our team includes experienced florists who meticulously craft and maintain your bouquets, ensuring you receive the freshest and most professionally designed arrangements. Additionally, our private shoppers have extensive experience working with numerous clients, delivering the perfect combination of gifts. Backed by a strong management team, we ensure the highest quality of our luxury services. Lastly, our customer service team is dedicated to addressing any questions or updates you may need.

BNP combines the beauty and sentiment of floral gifts with the convenience of modern e-commerce, offering customers a seamless way to purchase and send flowers for any occasion.

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